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Usage of Roblox build software Basic computer language script Coding,3D, sound effect, animation theory.

Roblox Newbie


    2 Month


    1.5 hours

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    From: $405

About Course:

For those kids that are from 7 years old or lack of computer skills. Easy to catch up and full of fun. Don not want to miss any single class.

Entrance level of computer coding, game design. Introduce from basic computer skills to usage of game build software. Introduction of fundamental of computer science through game play and editing. Students will learn basic computer language script, coding, 3D concept, sound effects and etc.


  • 7-10 years old.

  • Have knowledge for computer, such as turn on/off computer, using zoom, download software, create an account of Roblox, etc.

Customer Comment

  • Excellent instructor! Kept my child interested and engaged in the lessons!

  • My sons experience was great! He said he enjoyed every moment of it!

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